We have been in the business for over 45 years. So when we say we know the labyrinthine of the Approval Process for waterfront developments – we mean it!

Harbour Planning specialise in waterfront consultancy and service all of NSW waterways, looking after both commercial and domestic applications. As a respected waterfront identity, we have excellent relationships with governing authorities. Thus enabling us to achieve positive outcomes with the stakeholders (Fisheries, Maritime, Crown Lands, and Local Councils) for Development Applications, Complying Development Certificates and Building Information Certificates. For further details on these processes click here.

Your dream of waterfront access and vessel storage can be hassle free and closer then you think!



At Harbour Planning we have decades of experience and knowledge in this niche market. Backed with an exceptionally talented team make us market leaders. Consisting of Town Planners, a Building Designer and an Architect – this crew are our brains trust and we wouldn’t get far without them. Our Office Manager and Secretary keeps the cogs turning and is the heart and soul of the business. Finally, our Director keeps us on our toes, his expertise in this industry is unparalleled and is always happy to jump into the deep end ~ literally!

Craig Turner

Shirley Lee

Han Hu

Lynae Watson

Adrian Leung