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We are proud to have over 45 years of knowledge and experience in waterfront consulting

by | Aug 12, 2022

What does over 45 years in the industry get you?

Waterfront consultancy is a niche market and knowing the ins and outs of this labyrinth is no easy feat. So we sit down with the team of Harbour Planning to discuss this complex maze and get some very handy hints for waterfront homeowners! #handyhints #waterfronthomeowners

“We are proud to boast over 45 years of knowledge and experience in the Marine Industry!”

How did Harbour Planning come to be?

Harbour Planning evolved from a need to service waterfront homeowners. As mentioned, this is a niche market and like no other Development Application. There is a wide variety of stakeholders who all have control and certain requirements that need to be met. Harbour Planning are solely Consultancy Specialists for waterfront approvals. With our past construction experience we can direct our clients to the most suitable builder for your project.

If I was a homeowner starting out, with no existing structures what advice would you give to me?

It sounds pretty simple, but know how you want to use your waterfront. There are so many different configurations and facilities that can be designed, so having a clear idea of the end use is the best place to start. Some things to think about; are you going to use a boat, jetski or some other watercraft? Do you want this to be moored on water or do you intend to store on the foreshore, in a boasted, etc. How many people will generally use the structure/s at the one time? What are the ages of these people, do they require stairs? Is your waterfront tidal? Honestly depending on the requirements and location there are many factors to think about and of course it needs to be kid-friendly! This is where our team are a huge advantage to homeowners because not only are they great at gaining approvals they are great at advising and designing best solutions for clients needs!

What is the biggest issue homeowners face during any stage of the consultancy process?

It can be both daunting and confusing with many stages and different stakeholders to deal with, which all require an approval. I think for the homeowners just wrapping their heads around the procedure and what is required at each stage would be extremely hard. Its not like a DA for a home, swimming pool or anything else really. Intimately knowing the ins and outs, the stages and long standing relationships with key departments give Harbour Planning the edge in anticipating outcomes.

How long does the Consultancy Process usually take?

Depending on the type of Approval you are trying to gain will depend on how long the process will be. For new DA Approvals we estimate up to 12 months.

Finally, what is the advantage of engaging Harbour Planning?

We are proud to boast over 45 years of experience and knowledge in the Marine Consultancy and Construction Industry. Whilst we don’t construct waterfront structures, our past experience and knowledge allows us to confidently advise clients on protocols that best suit their needs and what will most likely be approved. Thus saving them huge amounts of time and therefore money! Experience pays! #savetime #savemoney #lifestyle #waterfront #boat #homeowner #harbourplanning


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We sit down with the founder to get the insiders scoop on the marine industry!

We sit down with the founder to get the insiders scoop on the marine industry!

Compliance Action notice received by waterfront homeowners

Compliance Action notice received by waterfront homeowners